When you step into the world of Old School RuneScape (OSRS), there’s a lot of adventure in store for you.

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Since the game does not have a storyline, it means you can spend your time hunting monsters, crafting skills, or going on exciting quests with other players—it’s all up to you. But, if you don’t have enough in-game currency, you might not be able to have as much fun as you’d like.

OSRS Gold is the main currency in this game, and you’ll need it to acquire high-tier items you can use to enrich your gaming experience. Fortunately, OSRS provides many opportunities for players to earn and collect Gold. 

In this post, we’ll show you five easy ways to make Gold in the fantasy world of Gielinor, OSRS’s game universe.

  1. Level Up Skills

Leveling up various skills is one of the easiest ways to earn OSRS Gold. Fortunately, there are many skills to choose from, so you can settle on the one you enjoy the most, or that’s more suitable for your level. Here are four skills you should consider:


You can level up your mining skills in OSRS by breaking rocks to obtain ore and gemstones that you can sell at the Grand Exchange for Gold. You can earn even more by using the stones and ore to create armor or weapons, which fetch a higher profit than the raw materials.


Another skill you can use to make quick OSRS Gold is woodcutting and it’s pretty easy to do. Just click on trees in the environment repeatedly. Afterward, you can sell the wood at the Grand Exchange and earn Gold.

At first, when you’re in the lower levels of the game, woodcutting may not give you big profits. But as your character levels up, you’ll be able to cut down larger trees like oak that fetch higher profits. 

It’s, therefore, a wise idea to start honing your woodcutting skill early in the game so you can enjoy huge profits as you progress.


Fishing is another skill that can come in handy when seeking to earn gold. However, note that fishing will only begin to get really profitable when you reach around level 40. Fishing for shrimp on the lower levels can earn some bucks, but as you go higher, you’ll be able to fish for lobster, sharks, tuna, and monkfish, all of which turn in vast amounts of Gold.


Aside from quests and mini-quests in Old School RuneScape, you can participate in minigames that allow you to earn experience, items, and Gold. There’s a variety of minigames to choose from, each requiring a particular set of skills.

You can complete some of these games on your own or team up with a group of other players to achieve a specific objective. Here are three minigames you can participate in to earn OSRS Gold quickly:


In Barrows, your objective is to break into the tombs of the six Barrow brothers and kill their ghosts. Note that the brothers are highly skilled, so you’ll need combat skills to defeat them and proceed with the game.

After killing five ghosts in the graveyard, you’ll find a tunnel in the crypt of the sixth brother. This tunnel will lead you to rooms where you’ll search for a rewards chest. 

In here, you’ll encounter the sixth brother, and if you’re victorious, you can get away with the loot from the chest. With Barrows, you can make up to 1.1m Gold in an hour.

Pyramid Plunder

If you enjoyed looting from the Barrows brothers’ graves, you might love the Pyramid Plunder minigame too.

Pyramid Plunder is set in the Kharidian Desert in the Jalsavrah pyramid. You’ll need level 21 thieving skills or higher to enter the pyramid, and you’ll only have five minutes to loot the content inside.

There are eight rooms in the pyramid, each holding treasures you can loot and sell later for Gold. The deeper you go into the pyramid, the more valuable the loot gets. The Pharaoh’s scepter is the most valuable item you can obtain in the pyramid.

Beware of traps in the rooms and pyramid inhabitants who can attack you at any time. As your thieving skill level upgrades, you’ll earn more Gold from your Pyramid Plunder adventures. Some players can make over 2m Gold in an hour in this minigame.

Volcanic Mine

Volcanic Mine is a minigame perfect for players wishing to level up their mining skills. You’ll need to have reached level 50 in mining to get into the mine.

In this minigame, you and other players should cooperate in mining a boulder in a lava channel in the volcanic chamber and move it to the lava whirlpool within 10 minutes. The volcano will erupt when the ten minutes are done, killing everyone inside.

Volcanic Mine is a dangerous minigame, but you’ll earn lots of points, experience, and Gold if you’re successful. Also, while mining the boulder, you’ll attain fragments of ore that you can later exchange for Gold.

Buy Gold Using Real Cash

This is perhaps the fastest way to earn OSRS Gold. The game allows players to trade in-game currency for real cash, so you can spend some money to get Gold. You can safely buy OSRS Gold from websites that’ll engage you inside the game to trade real cash for Gold. 

Make sure you only shop on trustworthy sites if you take this route. There are many scammers waiting for newbies to buy gold and then try to take it from them. Never chat with anyone in the marketplaces and always ignore messages during the trading period. 

Work as a Runner

While playing Old School RuneScape, you’ll need to collect various resources to help you level up skills or craft items. But did you know you can collect resources on behalf of other players for a payment?

Some players don’t have the time to farm and collect the resources they need, and they’re willing to pay others to do it for them. As a runner, you’ll gather and deliver resources to other players, then get paid for your services. It’s an easy way to start earning more Gold, even at low levels.

Farm and Sell Cowhides

There are many cows you can kill and collect hides from in the pastures near Falador and Lumbridge. After taking the hides to the tanner and making them into leather, you can sell them for a decent price at the Grand Exchange. With this method, you can make about 100,000 Gold an hour.


There are many fun ways to earn OSRS Gold, so it’s easy to increase your balance and attain high-tier game items. Paying attention to your skill levels will help you find minigames and other activities that’ll be more profitable for you.

And don’t forget, the more you play, the easier it becomes to get ahead. So keep playing and while at it, have fun!

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