There is an unwritten rule when it comes to video games and that is DON’T BASE IT OFF A MOVIE! The reason being that when these types of games are made it’s usually rushed to meet the release of the film so what we end up getting can be generic and boring or just straight up broken. However there are games that exist  that are exceptions to the rule and are the shining examples that not all movie games have to suck.

1: The Matrix Path Of Neo

In this 3rd person action game you play as Neo (duh) as you go through all 3 of the Matrix movies. The combat is sweet and simple as Neo like in the movies, is a martial arts master so you pull off these awesome kung fu moves that make you feel like a badass, especially when you take down a group of enemies in a single combo. Not only do you use your fists but you can use guns,swords axes and even street signs to kick the crap out of people and all these can be used in conjunction with the ‘focus’ mode that slows down time and allows you to pull off the more cinematic moves. The Wachowskis also wrote this game so not only do you play through the key moments in the movies but you also get new stuff like an alternative opening and ending, samurai missions and even fight giant ants. Don’t ask.

2: Star Wars The Phantom Menace

That’s right! I said it. A great example of an action adventure game set in the star wars universe especially for 1999. You go through the events of the movie playing as different characters in their respective missions. As Obi-Wan/Qui-Gon you kill enemies with the lightsaber and as Padme/Cpt Panaka you shoot them. Very simple but the game stands out in it’s level design.The Mos Espa levels are the best in the game as there are multiple ways you can collect the items you need to progress and you are free to explore at your leisure which can lead to some stronger weapons and items. You’re free to play your way in this game if it be shoot enemies with a blaster as a Jedi or if you’re a madman like me, turn to the dark side and slaughter a whole town. Just try not to step on the Queens dress, she will never let you hear the end of it.

3:King Kong

Dinosaurs, Giant Bugs, Killer Fish, Jack Black, Huge Bats, Big Crabs and of course a massive gorilla. Here we have a first person survival/third person beat em up. As Jack you are surviving Skull Island using spears, bones and guns to help you through the journey as you will be constantly attacked by things that want you for their dinner. Throw in a couple of door puzzles and a giant V rex that you can’t kill and you have a pretty decent survival experience that really makes you feel at the bottom of the food chain. However, when playing as Kong everything is different. You are the top dog, I mean… monkey on this island. These missions usually have you protecting Anne while kicking the shit out of the dinosaurs that give Jack a hard time as well as some basic platforming. It’s great because all the monsters that were big and intimidating while playing as Jack are now so small that you can smash and throw off cliffs. A great gameplay contrast with great ideas.

4:The Godfather

This game is very similar to the GTA games of the time, you have car jackings, shooting gangsters and an open city that you can do what you want in. You are in New York in the 1940’s and you work for the Corleones, spreading their influence as you take control over businesses to earn money, take out rival families and climb the ladder from a low ranking enforcer to Don. You also take part in key moments from the movie such as planting the horse head in Woltz’s bed and placing the gun in the bathroom that Micheal uses to kill Sollozzo. You are the guy that does all the things you don’t see happen in the movie and it’s awesome.

5: GoldenEye

It would have been a sin if this was not mentioned. It’s no argument that Goldeneye basically revolutionised the first person shooter for consoles. The absolutely great level design offers a bunch of different ways to complete missions be it go guns blazing and shoot everyone in sight or take a more silent approach and use stealth. It’s a first person shooter and is the reason we have games like Halo and Call Of Duty and that’s thanks to the multiplayer aspect of the game. Although pretty dated it’s still fun to play especially with friends. Going into manual aim mode which lets you control where your bullets will hit better is really satisfying especially when you pull off headshots. If you have a group of friends over, pop this game in and prepare yourself for one hell of a night. And less friends.


As you can see not all movie games are bad, some even had huge impacts on gaming as we know it today.There are still loads of great games that I haven’t mentioned but to do so would mean I would be here all day and I doubt you want that. If you see one of these games you should pick them up and hey, you might just be pleasantly surprised.


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