Games have evolved beyond recognition, with impressive animations and cinematography. However, there are still some amazing retro games that have more than stood the test of time.

Indeed, they have blazed the way for the industry and are still some of the most loved. Immersive, fun, and rewarding, they hold an abiding attraction. Showcasing a legacy that can stand their ground against modern games, and sometimes beat them hands down.

Legend of Zelda Series

1986 saw the launch of the very first of the Legend of Zelda series. The series encompasses 15 games, released by Nintendo for consoles. Centred around the main character of Link the gameplay brings together adventure, action and problem-solving.


If you want to enjoy Link’s adventures between 1986 and 2001, you still can. Most of them are available on Nintendo Switch, including the latest game The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening.

Super Mario Bros

Super Mario is another series of platform games launched back in 1985 by Nintendo. With engaging level progression, hazards and power-ups combined, it’s never-ending action. Super Mario is recognised as one of the best selling games in history, with over 40 million copies helping to build the Nintendo empire.

There is nothing quite like Super Mario, and the games still receive critical acclaim today. Super Mario Odyssey is the best selling title, released in 3D, and remains the second-highest seller on Nintendo Switch. Newer games include incredible power-ups, but the original still holds its appeal. 


As retro games go, the one that probably springs to mind the most is Pac-Man. An addictive and unique arcade game, it was released by Namco in 1980. Remaining part of our popular culture ever since, it’s even available as a retro slot, Pac-Man Wild Edition. These retro slot games are usually more simplified than modern online slots, with only 3×3 reels. However, as you would expect from Pac-Man, it’s different, and this slot has 5 reels and 25 paylines.

If you want some addictive fun, you can download the Pac-Man app from Google Play. Updated for 2019 this latest version delivers the original graphics and soundtrack for an authentic experience. Or try the Pac-Man Championship Edition 2, the newest offering released in February 2018. 

Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong was yet another game instrumental in the video game revolution, setting a new graphics standard for 2D platforms. Initially, it was a Nintendo arcade machine released way back in 1981. The fun characters, extensive levels and challenging gameplay made this title enormously successful. 

This game started a profusion of new titles and eventually led to the infamous Mario. These are available on online websites and platforms, although this is usually a cut-down NES version. The good news is that, following complex legal issues, the real original version is now available on Nintendo Switch too! 


Pretty much everyone has played Tetris at some point in their lives. It is a legendary and compulsive puzzle game that put this genre on the gaming map. Back in 1984, it was released on Game Boy and was so crowd-pleasing and addictive that sales soared. Over the years, there have been numerous remakes and versions for nearly every platform in existence.

Enduringly popular, the original holds its own against many of today’s offerings. The original Tetris lives on, and you can download an app from the App Store and even play it on mobile. Nintendo has also released the multiplayer Tetris 99 on Switch, where you can play against 98 players in a fierce puzzle battle.


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