We all have some old video games we really loved playing, years or even decades ago. And while technology has progressed continuously, the video games have to keep up. But in some case it becomes difficult to play old games. The graphics are outdated, and the expectations have increased with every new innovative game in the past years. And for sure there are games that deserve a remake with HD quality graphics, sound effects, and other modern features video games have these days. We would like some re-releases, but some remastering would also do. For example, Final Fantasy VII received a remake. And so did Resident Evil 2 and 3.

Here are some of the classic games we think would deserve such upgrades:

Some Mario games

OK, Super Mario got a remake, but there are other Mario games that would look great if refurbished.  The 2002 “Super Mario Sunshine” for the GameClub should be on the list, being considered one of the best Mario games. And imagine how “Super Mario 64” would look remastered. The very first 3D Mario game was launched in 1996, so the graphics difference will be a big one. The games may keep the soundtracks, but the graphics can become quite stunning. Just imagine how this could be!


As one of the Disney-inspired classic video games, Tarzan is another ‘90s game that kept us busy during childhood. Released for PlayStation, it is an action performer – a 2.5D side-scrolling one – which would look great if remastered.  The story is super famous, and the game was widely well received. The movie with the same title, launched also in 1999, won an Oscar. So, all thumbs up for the re-release or remake of this one. There is also a slot made by Microgaming, newly released this September. It can be played at the Best Online Casino, and enjoyed as a modern version of the video game, at least until a remastering will be done.

Silent Hill

Resident Evil 2 and 3 got their respective remakes, so the original Silent Hill deserves one too. It is also one of the classic survival horror games, so it shouldn’t receive less.  It has a terrifying atmosphere, a great location, and a creepy soundtrack. How do these look and hear on today’s modern consoles? Keeping the fog and ditching what holds it back means having a great rival for the Resident Evil games.

Launched in 1999, the game had one very good sequel – Silent Hill 2, which we wouldn’t mind seeing remastered also.

Chrono games

Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross are two of the games from the series that definitely are worth seeing remastered.  Chrono Tigger is considered one of the greatest RPG of all time (if not the greatest), influencing the genre and even the industry. A remake of this one is surely quite a challenge.  Regarding Chrono Cross, it lived up to the series’ fame. It had a time travel storyline which was intriguing for the late ‘90s, and also fantastic characters.

Prince of Persia

If we can have Tarzan remade, why not the Prince of Persia too? The “Sands of Time” can go very well through time from 2003 until whenever a remake would be done.  The Prince’s role in the video games industry was somehow taken by the Assassin’s Creed – and maybe Tomb Raider –, but seeing it climbing walls in a highly-enhanced graphics is worth dreaming of.

Shenmue games

OK, we had Shenmue III launched last year, but that was 20 years after the first game of the series, and 18 after the second one.  The action-adventure game published by Sega is set in Japan’s ‘80s, and you get to play Ryo Hazuki who tries to avenge the father’s death. Just imagine how this game will look remade, if in 1999 it was an absolute blast. At that time, it was supposed to be taken by Dreamcast towards a saga of video games. But nothing is lost yet, so we can only hope for at least one of the first two games to come out reborn.

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