While summer time is when you can relax and admire the beautiful nature, you can also play some games. Get out of your comfort zone and play some games that you’ve never played before and you might a new genre to fall in love with.

It doesn’t matter whether you like playing online casino games with a promotional code from Virgin Casino or just prefer console gaming, we are sure you would love the list below! 

The Top 6 Games You Will Love

Here are six random games you should play this summer:

1. Snow line

You don’t need to wait for December to play this Christmas game. It looks easy but needs you to think logically. You have to draw lines to help Santa Claus stay up in the clouds and make sure the sleigh doesn’t hit the slopes, which will bring him down crashing. 

2. Just Cause 4

In this installation of Just Cause, Rico Rodriguez will be seen fighting evils in Solis, a South American country. The game is packed with action and you will find yourself jumping trees, sliding down mountains, and survive through extreme weather conditions like tropical storms and tornadoes.  It’s got all the action you need and you can play it across different platforms. 

3. Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter World is only available on mobile phones, XBox, and Playstation currently and will come on PC in autumn 2017. Monster AI and other monsters stay together in a true ecosystem and you have to take up the role of either trapping or killing them in the many environments offered by the game. You have to create appropriate gear on your own to bring down big and powerful monsters and also play with friends to take them down together. 

4. Biomutant

Another action packed game, Biomutant has a lot of gun shooting, martial arts, and fights. In the game, you take on the huge role of protecting a mystical land for cruel mutants, who have super developed qualities of infiltrating your brain and changing thoughts. The game offers top quality graphics, offering you a real life experience that will keep you hooked on for hours. 

5. Tempest 400

In Tempest 400, you aren’t a person but a spaceship called The Claw and you have to shoot villains, throwing them into a psychedelic pipe. 

6. Mugsters

Mugsters released just recently and has already received positive reviews from gamers. Earth is taken over by aliens, whom you have to defeat and save your planet. It is a physics-based action games and has some 30 odd vehicles using which you have to kill aliens and also solve puzzles, some of which are explosive.

Have you played any of these games before? Let us know. Or, you can just download any of these games today and get on with the summer gaming fever.  It’s simple and we are sure it will help you spend those lazy summer weekends like no other!  Which of these games are you looking forward to the most anyway?

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