In crafting this list, I’ve curated a selection of my personal favorites, encompassing both the expected and the more unconventional choices. As a non-traditional console gamer, my journey through the realm of video game titles has diverged from the mainstream, offering a unique perspective. Without adhering to a specific order, here are some standout titles that have left a lasting impression on me.

SUPER MARIO SUNSHINE – Kicking off with a standout title, we have Super Mario Sunshine, an indisputable inclusion on the list. Widely praised by both game critics and enthusiasts, this marks the second 3D installment in the Super Mario Series. Set against the backdrop of Isle Delfino, a tropical haven adorned with vibrant landscapes and lively characters, Mario and his friends plan a vacation to this picturesque paradise. However, Mario’s relaxation plans take an unexpected turn as the island falls victim to vandalism, with the culprit resembling our mustached hero but cast in a mysterious shadow. Unjustly accused, Mario finds himself tasked with restoring the island’s pristine state..

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