Gambling is a common theme in video games since gaming and gambling are actually quite similar. Developers frequently incorporate a gambling aspect to make their games even more engaging. It’s possible to completely disregard in-game gambling in most circumstances, but it may also become an integral aspect of the action in certain cases

It’s usually simply a technique to earn more in-game awards or money that you can use to outfit your character with better-looking gear. If you get tired of video games and you wish to find some of the best casinos for South African players, make sure to check out They only feature the most reputable and secure websites, so you have nothing to worry about!

Having said that, our focus today will be on some of the most popular games that let you enjoy both classic casino games and the exciting “traditional” video game experience. Read on to find out more.

Pokemon Blue

Most people would be surprised to learn that Nintendo included slot machines in several of their Pokémon games, from FireRed through HeartGold and SoulSilver until the ESRB severely restricted what developers could do in E-rated games. To clarify, E-rated games are those meant for the general public.

In an homage to a real-life phenomenon in Japanese gaming parlors, some of the game’s machines provide greater odds than others. Perhaps this is why the element was often excluded from overseas editions.

Celadon Game Counter, which serves as Team Rocket’s hideout, has a coin case and equivalent coins that may be used in a nearby slot machine.

Witcher 3

In addition to being a genuinely great and brilliantly made game, Witcher 3 has offered us a little more than that. Gwent was brought to life in Witcher! They didn’t use any existing card games in their imaginary universe, instead, the developers created a great card game of their own called Gwent.

While the primary objective and monster hunt contracts are important, it’s easy to be sidetracked by Gwent’s awesomeness.

Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2 is a great work of art that faithfully captures the spirit of the Old West while delivering a riveting storyline. Without saloons and a good game of poker, what would the Old West be like?

It’s possible to play versus AI or actual people in RDR 2’s online mode, which is incredibly immersive. You can even get some practice for a real casino in RDR 2, so if you want to experience some actual action, check out Punt Casino. In RDR 2, you may experience life as a true cowboy, outlaw, and casino gambler. This is what makes the game so fantastic!

The Sims 3

If you can do it in real life, you can definitely do it in the Sims. This is why it’s not surprising that as a part of The Sims games, you may gamble as well. This feature is not a part of the regular version of the game, you’ll have to get an extension pack called The Lucky Simoleon content pack if you wish to up your casino skills.

Through shop conversion modifications, the Sims 4 now provides video game gambling tpp. Most of these possibilities may be found in the modding community, where anybody can make any kind of change to the game.

Borderlands 2

Borderlands 2 depicts the horrible post-apocalyptic world that may exist after our society crumbles down. In this game, you’d travel the wide globe, blasting your enemies left and right and battling against the odds to make it out alive.

You may utilize an in-game slot machine to win some of the best stuff in the game if you find it difficult to get better weapons or equipment. Similar to a real-life slot machine you can find at Europa Casino, except instead of coins you’ll get firearms! This is truly phenomenal, right?

GTA San Andreas

Because this game series focuses on the darker side of city life, it needs to include an in-depth look at casinos. This is particularly the case in the most recent installments of this world-famous game.

So, San Andreas is a one-of-a-kind experience in that the gambling storyline is related to CJ’s plot, with more money accessible to you as you play. It also has one of the most extensive gambling choices in the series, which is why it’s still so popular today!


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