In a sad news to players of The Sims Freeplay, the game will no longer be available for download in chosen countries from July 5. According to the release by the EA community managers, the game was taken down for not meeting regional standards and if you are a fan of the Sims series, it’s not a good news for you. While you could try out Michigan Lottery games in the place of Sims Free play, we are sure you are going to miss out on the series. It was one of the most exciting mobile Sims games and one that could get you hooked on to it for hours. 

Where can you not play the game any longer?

 The game is being pulled off from iOS, Android, Blackberry and Kindle app stores in Egypt, China, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman and Kuwait. 

What if you already have it installed on your phone? 

You will still be able to play the game if you have it installed in your mobile, but you won’t get any in-app purchases or updates in the future. Many gamers have expressed their concern that the game may stop working in a future date. You also won’t be able to transfer your saved games if you want to change to a new device. 

What Happened?

The Sims – PS2 version cover from TheCoverProject.Net

Gamers are not sure why EA decided to ban the game at this point. They have been anticipating a major update to the game that was unleashed in June. After the update female characters in Sims will have the ability to get pregnant. Earlier married couples in the game could have babies by accessing the crib icon but now any female would be able to get pregnant irrespective of their marital status. 

Some gamers have forwarded the opinion that the game was removed for its LGBT content. The official statement released by EA also stressed on the diverse values upheld in the game. It read that they were proud of their in-game experiences that embraced values as diverse and broad as the Sims community. 

Many fans argued that the game has always made room for same sex relationships throughout the whole franchise and this may not have been the reason. The developers have also introduced same sex adoption and marriage options in the game to embrace diversity. 

In 2016, we can recount a significant update made to The Sims 4- it broke the gender restrictions on accessories and clothing. You could access multiple gender customizable options that included toilet using positions, body frames and the ability to decide on pregnancy for self as well as others in case of males. 

You have to consider that The Sims Freeplay doesn’t allow for the gender customizations available in Sims 4. But same sex relationships were part of the game since it was introduced in 2011 as one cannot say why the company acted in this way after such a long time. 

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