In the early 1980s and later in the decade I can remember watching STARCADE! on SuperStation WTBS more than a couple of times. STARCADE! was all about video games, knowing trivia about them, and being good at playing them. I found it to be a cool game show that I could relate to and have fun watching because it was about something I enjoyed. Since then, it has run in syndication in other places, including the geeky network G4 in the early 2000s (G4 was owned by Comcast and later became a part of NBC.).

On most game shows, the content and the host make the difference. STARCADE! had different hosts, including the legendary Alex Trebek for one of its pilots (he would later join Jeopardy, but STARCADE! had him first). He was followed by Mark Richards (1982–1983) and Geoff Edwards (1983–1984). The contestants were young and often were family teams.

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