As an avid gamer, you’ve probably encountered some challenges customizing the best gaming rig for you at one point or another. The two main accessories in any worthwhile gaming setup are the PC and console. These significantly shape your gaming experience, so it is better to invest more in them. Other than these two, there are others to consider if you intend to have an updated rig and enhance your gaming experience.

Many gaming companies today come up with their gaming products and gadgets. Each naturally claims to produce the best gaming chairs, headsets, etc. When upgrading your system, the first thing to remember is that the product’s quality is more important than the brand.

Gamers should also be willing to part with a little more since you want to get investment pieces that will be part of your setup for years to come. Here is a list of gaming accessories that every hardcore gamer needs.

  1. Quality headphones

If you have been a gamer for a while, you should have already invested in a pair of high-quality gaming headphones. This ensures excellent communication and command exchange between you and other players. There’s nothing quite as exciting as quality sound effects when playing your Tekken video games or slots on sites like Croco casino.

You can safely expect the sound from high-quality earphones to also be high in quality. It quickly gets frustrating when trying to initiate communication while playing, constantly failing to get your message across because of poorly-designed headphones, which also typically have low-quality microphones. That can jeopardize your performance.

When looking for a good set, seek qualities like good wiring and compatibility.

  1. Hard drive

Since the 70s, games have evolved and become more complex. They have also become more advanced, which has resulted in the development of games occupying larger storage spaces. If you don’t intend to dismantle the console to replace its internal memory, the next best option might be getting you an external hard disk.

Ensure that it has ample storage space to allow you to play your games without interruptions from a lack of adequate storage space.

  1. External sound system

An external sound system might be less necessary and impactful than other accessories on this list but should still be considered a good investment. A great system offers players high-quality sound during gaming. The size of the speaker isn’t directly correlated to the sound quality, so consider getting one that takes up less space. Also, consider the affordability. Its sound quality is undoubtedly superior to the sound from TV speakers.

  1. A 4K television

As an old-school gamer, you have the older consoles, but at the same time, you likely own the latest consoles, as do most gamers. 4K TVs support 4K gaming or media playback. To enhance your experience, getting a new one for your gaming setup is highly advisable.

Get one with multiple top-notch features. 4K televisions provide a high dynamic range, and you will quickly tell the difference once you plug in your game. You may never want to step away from your games with such great graphics. A 4K monitor is a worthwhile investment.

  1. A customized console backpack

As a gamer who regularly carries their console to tournaments against friends or for outside gaming, you need a custom-made backpack. Get a backpack with a compartment that comfortably accommodates the console. When shopping, look for extra compartments for the controllers and other smaller gadgets or accessories.

Finally, consider getting a lightweight bag for comfort purposes. Look for a simple backpack that doesn’t single you out as a gamer to avoid attracting the attention of muggers and thieves.

  1. Spare controller

Games allowing multiple players have a certain allure, but solitary gaming is also a great experience. While you might not typically participate in local multiplayer gaming, it is a great idea to purchase a spare controller that will come in handy when you have a friend who wants to go up against you in a video game. You can sync it with your gaming PC.

  1. A gaming chair

An excellent gaming ergonomic chair should be part of every gaming rig. Regular chairs tend to cause discomfort, especially after long sessions. Gaming chairs are exclusively designed with the gamer in mind, providing extreme comfort during the gaming session, regardless of duration.

  1. A charging station

Many gamers overlook the importance of a charging station. It is unpleasant to look forward to playing after a long exhausting workday only to discover that you never charged your controllers. This isn’t new to most gamers and can be extremely disheartening. Therefore, consider investing in a sound charging system for your controllers to avoid running into such problems.


Gaming is one fun way to unwind and break from the usual routine. These eight ought to be on every gamer’s list. Your setup impacts the quality of your gaming experience. You don’t have to buy everything at once. You can slowly build up your rig. Start with the more essential accessories and add the rest when you can afford them.


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