The 8BitCADE Level Up is a fun yet challenging way to learn how to code. It is a combination of hardware (the prebuilt console) and software (the learn platform) that work hand in hand to allow you to learn the fundamentals of coding step by step! From online courses and daily coding challenges to a full fledge interactive emulator, the 8BitCADE Level Up will make you a coding master in no time!

The 8BitCADE is a fun yet challenging way to learn how to code. Back in the day, 8bit programmers had to work with very small memory, which resulted in the development of amazing programming techniques to cleverly do more with less. Programming the 8BitCADE challenges users to think smart and use their creative problem-solving skills to find better solutions. Though it takes an immensely large team to code a single game nowadays, the 8BitCADE will teach you the basics of game development!

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