A few weeks ago, I took the internet by storm and posted the most coveted list of my favourite YouTubers. As promised, since that was only a part one, here’s part 2! Hold onto your hats!

Of course, this is not the end all, comprehensive list that you deserve – it’s totally an opinion piece. If you think that something obvious is missing, let us know in the comment section below!

Did You Know Gaming?

Although originally created by Shane Gill, each individual DYKG video is actually written and produced by YouTubers who are successful in their right. There is also a dedicated, more permanent crew – but recent videos involve the likes of Caddicarus and PushingUpRoses.

As you’ve probably guessed from the title, the channel is based on trivia in the gaming industry. While some videos are more general – focusing on a franchise as a whole, others investigate more obscure subjects. For example, recent videos of note include an upload on censorship in Sonic games, while another is about a cancelled open world Pilotwings games for the Wii.

Game Sack

If long-form videos are your jam and you enjoy watching two guys shoot the sh*t (and sometimes abuse each other) then Game Sack might be the channel for you. Created by a duo named Joe and Dave, each episode usually goes for over half an hour and focuses on a general subject each upload. What’s great is that the videos are split into two halves, where both Joe and Dave each get a chance to talk about the games they want to separately, before making fun of each other for their choices.

While there have been more single-subject videos uploaded as of late (for example, a recent video reviewed the Game Gear) most videos list games in a certain category – giving a brief description as well as opinions. As examples, recent episodes include videos in the long-running series, Left in the Arcade and Games that Push Hardware Limits. Other recent uploads of note include videos on games that include vehicular combat, and modern accessories for retro gaming.

Metal Jesus Rocks

Metal Jesus Rocks is both a keen musician and retro gamer – and as a bonus was also an employee of Sierra On-Line during its boom times. It’s because of these reasons and more, that he regularly uploads quality content on his channel. Subjects of note include collecting guides, pick-up videos (this dude buys a LOT of games) and videos on more obscure items like retro game themed pillows. Hey, why not?

MJR seems like a really nice guy too, and this is evident by the number of friends he has within the retro gaming spectrum that regularly feature in his videos. He uses these friendships for fun videos too, like his popular HATE U and Gamer Eats series.

Nostalgia Nerd

Much like LGR, the Nostalgia Nerd mostly focuses on PC gaming from the 80’s and 90’s. As well as game reviews, he has plenty of videos where he does fun things. Examples include getting Windows to run through a Game Gear (no, really) and a video explaining the how and the why of the control+alt+delete combination for PCs.

He even has his own ‘thrifts’ type of videos, but most importantly, he is very, very British. Winning combinations all around.

Ummmm… me

I can’t write an article about retro gaming YouTubers without at least trying to spruce my own channel – that simply would not be okay. While I’m nowhere near the grandeur of any other channel I’ve linked either here or in part one, I’ve been constantly creating videos for about four years. As of writing, I’m approaching 3000 subscribers and happily growing at a steady pace.

Most of my 150 videos are reviews (from just about every console up to the 6th generation), but in the last few years I’ve been branching out a bit and creating more informational type videos. Popular series include Wonders of the Retro Gaming World where I look at concepts that were ahead of their time (examples include the Vectrex and the Satellaview), and Unreleased & Unobtainable where I look at games (using a RetroPie) that were never released (but have a playable form available) or are plainly just too expensive to buy. I also do videos on repairs and modding, as well as a few on PC gaming (although not enough!).

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Growing up while the fifth generation of consoles reigned supreme meant that Brendan missed out on much of the 80’s and early 90’s of gaming the first time around. He either lacked the cognitive ability to play them, as naturally, he was a baby - or he simply didn’t exist yet. Undeterred, Brendan started a blog called Retro Game On in 2011. This followed his exploits as he collected and played everything he could get his hands on no matter what the release date. While RGO is mainly YouTube focused these days concentrating on video reviews and historical features, the itch to do some old fashion writing never went away. More recently, Brendan has been a staff writer for the gaming website, GameCloud, mostly focusing on the indie gaming scene in his locale of Perth, Australia.