Video games have come a long way, from grainy graphics to HD quality. The video game software industry has since made major strides where in the US alone, its market share reached $28.4 billion in 2020. 

The main key players in this industry right now are Sony’s Playstation, Microsoft’s Xbox, and Nintendo’s Switch. Sony is the highest grossing in terms of international sales among the three, with its latest Playstation 5 set to hit $50 million in sales by 2023.

For those who were privileged to play video casino games during their childhood, at times nostalgia hits back to a point and you are tempted to relive those fun moments. 

A revisit is always welcome, because some of the retro games have since been revamped and adjusted for digital use. Also, online gambling casinos like Ninja Casino Canada have since become popular, where casinos nowadays are only a smartphone away. Take a look at some popular retro casino games of back then:

Golden Nugget 64

This game was availed back in 1998 for Nintendo 64. As a player, you were to start off with a certain amount and an access to games variety. Some of the games you could play were Texas Hold’Em, Mini-Baccarat, Craps, and Slot machines. The graphics were bearable, but not many could tolerate the background music.

Creature From the Black Lagoon

Ever watched the movie by the same name? This video slot game was named after the movie. Released back in 1954, the movie grossed $275 worldwide. The game has a range of features, and you are required to maximise wins through sticky wilds, free spins, wild substitutions, and more.

The game starts with the appearance of a semi human creature that captures Kay. As a player, collecting as many target symbols as possible weakens the already shot at creature. The rewards of the game include unlocking respins and spreading wilds, etc.

Casino Kid

Lost Wages was the center town where action went down in the Casino Kid video game. The main highlight of the game was that you had to earn money in order to defeat the Casino’s evil king. This was the American version of the game, as there was also a Japanese version.  

This Nintendo classic was one of the envied games back then, which means that your childhood was awesome if you were lucky enough to play it. 

High Stakes Gambling

For those who had a Game Boy Console, High Stakes Gambling was one of its games. The theme of the game was the Great Depression, where your role as a player was to defraud or trick the rich mafia and take their money as much as you could. 

While the game was enjoyable, grainy graphics were the order of the day. 

Jackpot 6000

Do you fancy an old school arcade game from the 80s? This slot machine classic provides you the perfect retro gaming experience. Before you spin the reel, you need to choose a bet from options availed. 

If you get 3 matching symbols after spinning, you win. The spinning of the reels comes with a clunky sound, and a background music you will not forget anytime soon.

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