The popularity of esports is growing rapidly, with gamers all over the world entering tournaments to compete and potentially win huge cash prizes. But competitive gaming isn’t exactly a new concept, with some of the first arcade games allowing friends to compete against each other for the first time. Esports doesn’t always mean competing in the most current, newly released games either – some tournaments are a throwback to our youth with games like Mario Kart and Street Fighter still being played competitively today. Head over to to stay up to date with all things esports. 

The Evolution of Esports 

Videogames are a huge part of many people’s lives – and with a range of games to suit everyone’s abilities, it’s easy to see why. Whether you’re playing on your phone, your computer, a console, or even an arcade machine, these games are a source of enjoyment and excitement for all. Esports have taken this excitement further by turning gaming into competitions with high stakes – some prizes have even reached over a million dollars!

Over the past decade, these esports tournaments have become increasingly popular, with game developers funding some of the top competitions. They can be played within a team, or as an individual, and there’s no limit to the games that can be chosen to play – new, advanced games are a popular choice, but older games are making a comeback on the esports scene too…

Retro Esports Games 

The world of gaming is constantly evolving, with new technology, graphics, and ideas – but esports doesn’t always include the latest releases. Games that we all know and love like street fighter, StarCraft and even Super Mario Kart are popping up in esports competitions around the globe, which just goes to show that the classics are still relevant. If you’re looking for a bit of nostalgia within the world of esports, checking out retro games can transport you right back to your childhood. 

Street Fighter 2 

Street Fighter is arguably one of the most influential arcade games. Released in 1991, it became popular with gamers all over the world as it was the first game to allow the player’s colourful characters to compete directly. It is a retro game that spurred on tournaments amongst players and created a huge following in the fighting game genre, which helped to catapult it to success.

You could even go as far as saying that Street Fighter 2 impacted a generation with its iconic characters, their moves, and their snappy one-liners. There are Street Fighter tournaments online for viewing, mainly on Twitch or YouTube, so you can rediscover this piece of gaming history! 


This game is considered one of the most popular online competitive games. Released in 1998, this military science fiction game became popular with esports in South Korea for its strategy and skill set needed to be successful. The game requires you to carry out several skills quickly and with it being set in real-time, there’s no pausing! The requirement for players to carry out tasks gave the came a whole new element, and added a sense of variety, with every gamer having slightly different skill sets – meaning a more exciting and variable outcome. 

Super Mario Kart 

This is a game we all know and love, and even if you haven’t played it, you’ll certainly recognise the name! Super Mario Kart was launched in 1992 in America and Japan, hitting Europe the following year. It is one of the best-selling games of all time, so it’s not surprising that it is a hit with esports players around the globe. Developed by Nintendo, the company still holds an official world championship every August, where gamers can battle for glory in both multiplayer and time trials. You can watch these tournaments on Twitch or download the game for yourself and be transported back to the 90s.

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