Joining The Switch Effect on today’s Industry Interview is Ryan Burger, Founder and Publisher of the newly launched Old School Gamer Magazine. Old School Gamer Magazine is a digital and print magazine that focuses on all games retro, whether it is the original Atari from the 70s or consoles made today to play those classic games. With a magazine packed full of interviews, reviews, biographies, news, and more, it has never been a better time to be a retro gamer than today! Plus, you can go to, sign up, and get the first issue for FREE! So without further ado, let’s get to know Ryan.

Ryan, thank you for speaking with The Switch Effect. What was your first console/game you owned?
A Sears Intellivision that I vividly still remember buying at a Sears in Cincinnati, Ohio. Great console, but I was always jealous of friends with an Atari because they had so many more games available that were like the arcades…… the rest continues at

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