The term retro gets bigger each year as it encompasses a bigger range of titles. That’s because time flies and the years go by faster. So, now you might be thinking of old-school titles in another era of gaming, but not ones you haven’t heard of because of their new spinoffs.

Retro titles include games from the early 2000s nowadays because they were once the cutting edge of gaming. The visuals might not look like much, but the games emphasize experience like no other which is why you might give them a chance. So, if you don’t mind a variety of games then here are some random titles for your enjoyment.

Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic

The world of Star Wars has a variety of games to its name, but none of them is like Knights of the Old Republic. This is a title that will take you from one planet to another completing missions along the way and seeing the magnificence of the Old Republic.

Alternatively, you can go to cantinas and take part in fights in the arena or play a round of Pazaak. In this fictional card game, you’ll need a value of cards that’s exactly 20 or around 20 to beat your opponent. Sounds familiar? That’s because Pazaak is based on a popular casino game called blackjack. Variants of this game and other casino titles are available on established and new sites, and as well as other sites will give players an insight into these sites and their games. The main thing about them is to enjoy them responsibly.

Another thing that makes KOTOR amazing is the fact that you as the player can affect the ending of the game as well as your relationships with your companions. You can do this through various conversations that come with Light Side and Dark Side pointers which will sway you both ways when playing the game. This title also comes with a great twist about your character and afterward you’ll need to make an important decision.

Counter–Strike 1.6

If you’re looking for a great first-person shooter game and a retro title, then you can go for Counter-Strike 1.6. This way you’ll get to see the early beginnings of the Global Offensive which is a massive phenomenon nowadays. Back in the day, the 1.6 version was pretty big and it was one of the first games that held gaming tournaments where teams would go after one another. The game comes with a multiplayer mode where you and your friends take on each other as terrorists and counter-terrorists.

As terrorists, your job is to plant the bomb and wait for it to go off. As counter-terrorists your job is to stop them by defusing the bomb. Alternatively, the first team to eliminate the other wins. You’ll get all sorts of maps to enjoy this game on and you can train with BOTs which are controlled by the game.

The Half-Life Franchise

This franchise contains 2 modern titles which serve as a continuation of it. The first one is Black Mesa which is a remake of the first game and the second one is Half-Life: Alyx which is the first VR game in the series. But if you’re looking for the retro experience then you can go for the first 2 games and the episodes. In the first one, you’ll get to meet Gordon Freeman who’s late for his first day at work at the Black Mesa research facility. Once you get there and put on your work suit then you’ll head to the laboratory and take part in an experiment that will cause a terrible accident. This accident will cause an alien invasion and you’ll need to fight the aliens off so you can survive. You’ll also need to take care of the government commandoes sent to sweep the area. In the end, the G-man will put you in stasis.

The same man will wake you up in the second game so you can make a difference. You’ll awake in City 17 and find out that Earth has been conquered by the Combine which is another alien race. It will be your job to defeat them and help the Resistance make a stand. The end is not something you’d expect. The story continues in Episodes One and Two which are more like expansions to the original game.


These are only some retro titles you’ll find enjoyable. Each comes with a different setting and perks, but all of them offer a great gaming experience.


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