In this current scenario where most of the 7 billion on earth are/were forced to stay indoors, how have we all managed to stay engaged? A wide range of viewers binged on Netflix and other OTT applications. Those with privileges enjoyed even more. One common factor enjoyed by huge masses was that of games.

With access to an open internet, anyone could download a game and explore it further. In the past few years, tech-heads have busted their backs trying to revolutionize the gaming industry. In recent times, virtual reality augmented reality and other innovations have carried the spirit of the game forward.

Tricks of the Trade

Different games are played using different methods. But what is common is that from classics like Texas Hold’em poker to augmented reality games like Pokemon Go, the internet is the ticket to the gaming world. Taking into consideration what’s mentioned above, let us visit a few of them.

Virtual Reality

If you are looking to escape into a world of your fantasies and modalities, VR is the best format. Games like Half-Life and Resident evil are a few of the favorite games invented. Battling alien life forms and being one of the most engaging VR games is only a chip on its shoulder. On the other hand, Resident Evil is an alluring experience in itself. The hunt for the beast and traversing through the tombs and rooms are very interesting.

It’s time!

Borrowing Bruce Buffer’s pre-fight war cry, we step into the arena of UFC. UFC is a game in which the player can select his fighter and duel it out in the virtual octagon. UFC – 4 being the latest game in the series has Jorge Masvidal and Israel Adesanya as its face. With careful moves and extravagant finishes, the player is fully focused on the action. MMA being a sport known for its fan base is now available to anyone to give the title a shot!

Boom Pow!

Shooter games will never go out of trend. One of the most adaptive and rippling games released in recent years is the Players Unknown Battlegrounds. It provides the gamers a thrilling experience by handing them loots, guns, and seasonal changes that come in the forms of mummies and flying pyramids. At one level in the game, the player finds himself battling an ancient mummy rising out of its sleep. The multiplayer fun is one of the most looked at features of this creation by Tencent.


From the basic Need For Speed and then the Most Wanted branding, racing games have an incredible following. Dirt is one of the best-rated games of the decade. Graphics and the levels of toughness create an intense sensation. The best feature of Dirt in particular is the ability to adapt. The game is very easy to navigate through.

Hot Trends

Speaking about the leading current trends, Augmented reality is one of them. Pokemon Go is one of the most famous names when it comes to this type of creation. Along with the other modes of play, we have to wait for the latest additions to the huge list of amazing virtual amusements available to mankind.


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