If you’re a 90’s kid, or just really enjoyed Nickelodeon cartoons, then you probably remember Aaahh!!! Real Monsters.

Aaahh!!! Real Monsters the game was released in 1995, two years before the show went off the air. Well, the show may be gone but Ickis, Oblina, and Krumm still live on in this Sega Genesis game. The game follows closely and pretty accurately to the TV show. The trio attends Monster Academy and the object of the game is to scare people in order to pass their exam. You start off in the sewer, and work your way up to the human world. Ickis, Oblina, and Krumm all work together. You can switch through the characters to take advantage of their individual abilities. Ickis can fly for a short period of time, Oblina can jump high and reach items, and Krumm can use his detachable eyeballs to see things the other monsters can’t see.

Throughout each level you need to collect trash, and monster manuals. You use your trash you collect to throw it at your enemies, and the monster manuals to scare your enemies off. The enemies come in the form of monsters, adults, kids, and some animals. – Read the rest of the article here from Classic Console Magazine (courtesy of Old School Gamer)!

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