Here’s what you need to know about achievement diaries if you want to profit from OSRS.


Achievement diaries are specific sets of tasks that you need to perform. They come in four different tiers: easy, medium, hard, and elite, and offer various rewards that can improve your overall gameplay, help you earn OSRS GP, or unlock quality-of-life upgrades. Usually, you won’t need to spend a lot of OSRS gold to complete them.


However, you will be required to have various skill levels and to have previously completed specific quests or even have specific Old School RuneScape items that can cost you OSRS GP unless you obtain them to perform specific tasks successfully. However, you can claim your reward once you’re done with a specific set. This is usually comprised of an XP lamp, an untradeable diary item, and specific unlocks that can help you earn more OSRS gold directly or indirectly.


Ardougne Diary


The Ardougne diary is helpful when it comes to money-making in OSRS in at least a couple of ways. With the easy diary completed, you will get double-death runes when trading cats to the civilians in West Ardougne, which is a pretty easy way to earn passively. Another benefit you’ll get from completing the medium diary is that you’ll have an increased success rate when pickpocketing in Ardougne. This will help you earn more and skill up faster when training your thieving by pickpocketing Ardougne knights.


The hard diary will extend the 10 percent increased chance of a successful pickpocket regardless of where you train your thieving skill. It’s a basic requirement for any money-making method involving the thieving skill, such as pickpocketing Vyres or pickpocketing elves. On top of this, the hard diary will give you five daily teleports to the Ardougne farm patch, which will indirectly help you get faster money if you do herb runs.


The elite Ardougne diary will give you unlimited teleports to the farm patch. It will give you 50 percent more fish from the fishing trawler and 25 percent more marks of grace from the Ardougne agility rooftop course. However, the most outstanding ability unlocked by the Ardougne diary is the pickpocketing increased success rate.


Falador Diary


The Falador diary can also be helpful when it comes to gaining profits. This is because of the item you will receive, starting with the hard diary, which will make a difference if you’re trying to profit from killing the giant mole. The shield will help you locate the mole, drastically increasing your kills per hour.


The Fremennik Diary


The Fremennik diary is the most combat-oriented of all Fremennik diaries, and consequently, it will help you earn more from fighting specific monsters with a quality-of-life upgrade.


This means you’ll be able to carry more and extend your trips before you need to bank. The hard diary will affect the adamantine bars drops from aviansies in the God wars dungeon. In contrast, the elite diary will affect the Dagannoth bones from the Dagannoth kings, the boss trio that holds the combat ring uniques (Berserker’s Ring, Seer’s Ring, Archer’s Ring, And Warrior’s Ring).


Kourend and Kebos Diary


This achievement diary is the one that can indirectly influence how much OSRS GP you’re making the most. It does this in several ways. On the one hand, with the hard diary completed, you will save up on any task that involves killing monsters that drop ashes because the ash sanctifier will automatically scatter them. This means very cheap and effortless prayer XP. With the elite diary, you will get the full amount of XP you’d get by manually scattering the ashes. On the other hand, the elite will give you unlimited teleports near the slayer master, which is the most rewarding when it comes to gaining OSRS GP through the brimstone keys, Konar.


Additionally, with the elite diary, you’ll unlock a shortcut to the alchemical hydra boss, and you will be immune to the damage in the Karluum slayer dungeon without wearing boots of stone. This will give you a huge tactical advantage when grinding the hydra for its valuable drops.


The elite diary will also directly influence how much money you make when crafting blood runes in Kourend, as you will receive 10 percent more blood runes per trip.


Morytania Diary


The Morytania diary will help you save up on OSRS gold through prayer XP you’ll gain by using the Bonecrusher, similarly to Kourend’s Ash Sanctifier. Additionally, with the elite completed, you’ll get 50 percent more runes from barrows with the hard diary and unlock a new herb patch for your herb run.


Varrock Diary


Varrock diary is the one diary that will directly influence how much OSRS GP you can get through the discounted battlestaves you can buy from Zeff daily. Each tier of the diary will allow you to buy more and more battlestaves, from 15 with the easy diary to 120 with the elite tier completed.


This will give you a variable profit daily depending on the market prices. You can combine it with crafting them into elemental battlestaves for some speedy crafting XP and either sold or high alched in this form. You should either invest an enormous amount of OSRS GP and sell all of the battlestaves every few days or every few weeks to get your OSRS gold plus a profit back or repeat the cycle of buying from Zeff and selling on the

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