The Nintendo NES tends to overshadow other consoles in many of our video game sales, which is understandable, but let’s not forget about the mighty Sega Genesis. The console is home to a ton of favorites, including Sonic the Hedgehog, Golden Axe, and Streets of Rage, to name just a few.

In our upcoming April 4 Ages of Sega Showcase Auction, we’ve got some great games for the system, including some classics and as well as some hidden gems that we’re incredibly excited about. Here are five that make us want to yell, “Sega!”

Death Duel – Wata 9.6 A++ Sealed, Genesis Razorsoft 1992 USA.

Death Duel - Wata 9.6 A++ Sealed, Genesis Razorsoft 1992 USA.

This first-person shooter was so far ahead of its time that it’s totally mind-boggling. And even a little bit scary! Released during an era of cute platformers and pre-dating Doom and Mortal Kombat, Death Duel was visceral and violent, featuring blood and dismemberment. Plus, a scantily clad female would frequently appear and dish out such text-based advice as, “Turn him into maggot fodder” and “Kick his asteroids.” This is just our second time offering this rare, edgy, highly unusual (for the era) game.

Mutant League Football – Wata 9.2 B Sealed [Trading Cards Included], Genesis Electronic Arts 1993 USA.

Mutant League Football - Wata 9.2 B Sealed [Trading Cards Included], Genesis Electronic Arts 1993 USA.

Mutant League Football reimagines gridiron battles with its perilous fields and player fatalities, injecting fantasy and mayhem into the classic sport. Utilizing the John Madden Football ’93 engine, it blends traditional gameplay with fantastical elements, creating an experience that’s both familiar and wildly original. Its popularity has soared among collectors, with sealed copies being prized possessions. The game inspired both a sequel, Mutant League Hockey, and an animated series, cementing its status in gaming and pop culture. It remains a must-own for fans of extreme and unconventional sports titles.

Skeleton Krew – CGC 9.2 B+ Sealed, Genesis Front Street Publishing 1995 USA.

Skeleton Krew video game

Offered here at Heritage Actions for the very first time, Skeleton Krew is a hidden gem that lets players select from three different warriors, each outfitted with bombs and mutant-blasting weaponry. The action evokes such run-and-gun games as Robotron: 2084 and Ikari Warriors, but jumping and an isometric viewpoint set it apart from the pack. Also cool is the wicked skeleton box art, which reminds us of the work of such comic book artists as Simon Bisley and Glen Fabry. The game was never released in Japan or Asia, adding to its desirability as an exclusive collectible.

Rocket Knight Adventures – Wata 9.8 B+ Sealed [10-Digit UPC], Genesis Konami 1993 USA.

Rocket Knight Adventures video game

Rocket Knight Adventures was directed and co-designed by Nobuya Nakazato, the visionary developer behind such Contra titles as The Alien Wars, Hard Corps, and Shattered Soldier. The game introduces players to Sparkster, an opossum knight armed with a rocket pack and sword, navigating through richly detailed levels from forests to castles. Despite its quality—excellent graphics, gameplay, and sound—it’s nowhere near as well-known as a game like Sonic the Hedgehog. In fact, it’s fairly obscure and very hard to find in today’s collector’s market.

Truxton – Wata 9.6 A+ Sealed, Genesis Sega 1989 USA.

Truxton video game

On a system with a ton of great shoot-’em-ups, Truxton is one of the best. It’s also in high demand as a collectible for shooter fans as well as Genesis completists. An early release for the console, the game has players piloting their Super Fighter ship over eight different asteroids, firing away at aliens, turret guns, anti-aircraft guns, meteors, storehouses, energy buoys, and other enemies and obstacles. There are three types of standard weapons, including the titular Truxton Beam, as well as an incredibly cool Destroyer Bomb shaped like a giant skull. Adapted from the 1988 Toaplan arcade game, it includes a feature not found in the original: rapid fire, which really saves wear on the thumbs.

Bidding is underway—good luck!

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