Airborne Ranger is a very intense military combat simulator that requires careful planning and stealthy execution in order to win over a numerically superior hostile force. These ops take place in a number of different environments; everything from the baking desert to the frozen arctic – and everything in between. Anything that can possibly happen on a mission will happen, as shown by the following timeline…


Lester Hyde-Burchart invents a unique ea ng utensil that can be used as both a spoon and a fork. In a stroke of so-so genius, he names his device the “foon,” which proves disastrous. The New Delhi In-dustrial Dictionary defines the word “buffoon” with a picture of Lester Hyde-Burchart holding a foon. Lester takes to wearing women’s clothing and collecting cats, which later suffocate him in his sleep.


While cleaning out his grandparents’ home, Randolph Burchart discovers the foon in a roll-top desk and, in a slightly better stroke of genius, sells the foon and all rights to it to the United States Army under the name of the “Yummy Stick.” The Army, short on humor, renames it the MMU812A and issues it as such in Army K rations. Read the rest of the article here from Old School Gamer!

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