Ask most retro gamers or people of middle age and upwards about the name Airwolf and they’d probably tell you of a TV series in the 80’s that revolved around a rather powerful military helicopter and its crew undertaking missions with cool action sequences. In fact living on in memory with that awesome theme tune, the TV show did even appear as its very own game on multiple platforms such as the Amstrad and the even the ZX Spectrum. Well it’s the Commodore Plus/4 for this news update, as we’ve just been told, that C64Mark has released an enhanced version of this game originally released by Richard Ikin for Elite Systems in 1985.

Welcome to Airwolf Enhanced! A new release for the Commodore Plus/4 that doesn’t just haveĀ 16 new screens – taking the total to 25, but 5 more scientists to rescue (now 8 in total), improved controls, improved chars and animation, is based on the C64 release, a new scoring system, respawn death bug removed, infinite score bug removed, new cheat modes built in, is NTSC fixed, and all of this crammed into 16K!

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