We’ve certainly played our fare share of Castlevania inspired games over the years, especially the most impressive Castlevania Spectral Interlude, which we had the pleasure of playing way back in 2015 on the ZX Spectrum which was created by Sanchez. But today thanks to a heads up by Dante 3d dev who is also behind the upcoming Arcade to Amiga conversion of Green Beret, he has released an early prototype of what looks to be an in development Castlevania AGA which is based around the version released on the SHARP X68000!

Castlevania was and still is an incredible action platformer, that even today can be played via emulation or through an NES and give you hours worth of enjoyment. Now however thanks to Dante 3D dev, you can play not only the prototype which I mentioned above, but it was developed using the Scorpion Engine, the whole first level is playable with its sections (1-1, 1-2 etc) right up to the boss, which can be destroyed and drops an orb, the basic “framework” for the game is set such as the main character with whip and secondary weapon, and more you’ll just have to experience for yourselves via the source link below or via Amiga Bill’s Stream.

Links :1) Source 2) Watch Live on Amiga Bill’s stream!

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