Alfonzo’s Arctic Adventure, a brand-new platformer game for the NES by Spoony Bard Productions, is currently up on Kickstarter and already funded! Bigger and better, but with everything that made the original so much fun, Alfonzo’s Arctic Adventure is packed with tons of new features and content!

  • 4 different playable characters
  • 7 unique boss battles
  • 30+ types of enemies to encounter
  • 90+ levels split into 6 episodes
  • Secret exits and branching paths
  • Password function to save progress
  • Two-player melee mode
Luckily, you aren’t alone on this adventure! You will meet new friends along the way, each with different abilities to help you on your quest. Use these four characters to explore over 90 levels, collecting fish and battling baddies along the way! You can even choose a character and face off against your friends in Two-Player Melee Mode!

Alfonzo’s Arctic Adventure will be available both as a ROM and in physical cartridge form! Cartridges will be available in both “Classic Grey” and “Snowy White” colors. There is even a vinyl record version of the game’s soundtrack available as a pledge reward! This project is a sure thing, as it’s already funded, so pledge for your copy today!

For more information, visit the Kickstarter campaign at:
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