Being a fan of horror and sci-fi, I remember being rather excited to see a video game version of the claustrophobic cinematic masterpiece, Alien.

It must be a fantastic and frenetic shoot-em-up, I thought. Probably one of those three-dimensional type games like CBS’ Tunnel Runner or Starpath’s Escape from the Mindmaster. Only a game of that style could hope to capture such a great film experience. Plug in the cartridge and you get. . . PAC-MAN ?!?!?!?!?

Yes, the programmers at 20th Century Fox wanted their own piece of the maze game pie, so they created what turned out to be ALIEN: A Pac-Man type game that was better than Atari’s own licensed version of the arcade classic. And in an effort, no doubt to stave off the lawsuit hungry lawyers at Atari, several essences of game play have been tweaked, and a bizarre bonus round keeps this from being an outright clone.

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