It just seemed like another day selling hot dogs and burgers to hungry folks at the Alien Burgers Food truck, but one quick phone call prompts a change in plans. Aliens are attacking the city, and the Alien Burgers crew must change jobs and become the Alien Busters to save the city!

The first-person alien blasting segments are pure chaos! Save the humans!

The 1990 Sega arcade hit Alien Storm is now available for the iiRcade and plays almost as faithfully as the original arcade version. The fun, side-scrolling, gun shooting, beat ’em up action is retained. The rocking soundtrack and sound effects roar terrifically on the iiRcade speakers. Alien Storm moves at a frantic pace, especially when it switches to its first-person assault mode. While officially, this is the arcade version of Alien Storm, it does lack the feature of 3 players’ simultaneous gameplay because the iiRcade is a two-player cabinet.

Despite the lack of a third player, Alien Storm is a blast to play, especially with a friend. It’s Aliens, meets Ghost Busters, meets Golden Axe gameplay can not be missed.

Alien Storm can be purchased for the iiRcade Cabinet by visiting the iiRcade store here:

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