True connoisseurs of video gaming understand the role of retro games in the development of modern ones. They have created the main trends that gain momentum during the latest years.

In addition, some retro games can blow your mind even at the present times. You can enjoy them using innovative hardware emulation. Here are four examples of such video games that will definitely impress you.


This card game appeared in 1978. It allows you to play different card activities such as poker or blackjack. What is more pleasant, this retro game brings players an option to select among four variants of these games, to play alone or invite three friends to do against a virtual dealer.

In addition, some gamers mention that this video game does not only envelop into nostalgia of previous years but also reminds visiting the best online casino in Australia 2023.

Super Mario Kart

It is the first game in the Kart series that was created by Nintendo. It happened in 1992. Imagine only, this game sold more than 8 million copies around the globe.

SMK is a video game about kart racing that allows you to choose to play alone or select a multiplayer function. After that, you can make a choice among eight Mario characters that own different options and abilities.

The popularity of this retro game and a lot of tournaments that players adore taking part in made creators re-release it in 2009, 2016, and 2017. Every year added new options and improved visual effects that will be a pleasant surprize even for modern gamers.

Space Invaders

“Space Invaders” is a game with the main goal to shoot aliens by using special lasers and collect as many coins as possible. It was the first video game of an arcade type that appeared in 1978. However, it collected its popularity over the years and received recognition only in 1980. Its availability for home consoles influenced this fact. Since that time, children and adults have been spending day and night playing Space Invaders.

It is difficult to imagine but this video game had head-spinning incomes: nearly 4 billion dollars in 1982 and more than 13 billion dollars in 2016. Nowadays, it continues to be one of the most prominent games in video gaming. It is a basis for numerous modern video games.

Tomb Raider

Core Design was the company that developed this video game first. It was 2017. This video game is based on a famous film about Lara Croft who searches for tombs and ancient treasures. All actions take place in four places one of which is Atlantis, the famous lost city.

The main hero of this video game should solve riddles and puzzles and kill dangerous animals that prevent her from doing so. That is exactly what made this game to be so popular and sell more than 7 million copies around the world. Later, the Tomb Rider game was implemented into online gambling by the Microgaming company.


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