JOTD is certainly making a name for himself here on Indie Retro News, creating awesome Arcade like conversions of games such as Ms Pacman and Pacman 500, and even the rebuilt & adapted to Amiga AGA ripped from Supercars International 1996 as Supercars 2 AGA. Well here’s another JOTD news story for you, as today we have been informed he has released the Amiga game of Amidar500; an arcade conversion of the 1980’s classic Amidar which is available to download below.

According to the wikipedia for this game Amidar is a video game developed by Konami and released in arcades in 1981 by Stern. The format is similar to that of Pac-Man: the player moves around a fixed rectilinear lattice, attempting to visit each location on the board while avoiding the enemies. When each spot has been visited, the player moves to the next level. For those of you who are interested in this version of the game by JOTD, it features : original visual & sounds, faithful enemy behavior & speed & increasing difficulty, 50 frames per second (PAL) even on a 68000 A500, all levels & bonus levels, an original intro and finally can run directly from shell or from whdload (fast machines/complex configurations)

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