Amiga, world famous for their computers and joysticks, was founded in 1982 by Jay Miner, a former Atari employee. Jay, and other Atari employees who sought more creative freedom in their work environment, formed Hi-Toro (the companies original name before it was changed to Amiga—which is the Spanish word for friend). The former Atari team had plans for a new gaming console, code named “Lorraine”. The new console was designed around the Motorola 68000 16/32 bit CISC microprocessor. And with upgrades, would be able to turn into a complete computer rather than remaining strictly a gaming console. Thus the story of Amiga computers begins.

Amiga began by developing games and third party accessories for major companies like Atari and ColecoVision. This allowed Amiga to raise money for their “Lorraine” project. One peripheral that
Amiga is famous for is their Joy Board (similar in fashion to Nintendo Wii’s Balance Board). Mogul Maniac was the only official game released for the joy board. Two other games, Off Your Rocker and Surfs Up where announced but never released.

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