Tensor is a new logical puzzle game for the Atari 8-bit home computer platform which was released at the Ironia Party that took place in Wysoka, Poland, the weekend of August 11th through 13th, 2017, where it won first place in the game competition.

Professor Trzaskowski

Professor Trzaskowski


Professor Ireneusz Trzaskowski enjoys outer space. He goes there often and tries a lot of things. Currently, he is attempting to collect mystical objects from the caverns of Jupiter (he’s doing what now?). Through the use of the Tensor, gravity itself can be manipulated to help with the search.

In this game, you move Professor Trzaskowski around the cavern with the joystick and try to collect the puzzle pieces, by simply running into them from either side. You can also cause all of the puzzle pieces to move at the same time by rotating the cavern clockwise or counterclockwise using the Tensor, by holding the fire button and moving the joystick either to the left or to the right, and allow ‘gravity’ to cause all of the puzzle pieces to free fall into new positions.


Tensor Level #2


Some of the puzzle pieces can easily be collected. Sometimes, both you and the puzzle pieces you are attempting to collect are blocked by other game elements. It is at this point where you can rotate the game board and allow the pieces to free fall into new locations. While you will not ‘die’ if a game element lands on top of you, you do have to be cognizant of where both you and the puzzle pieces will fall, so that you can solve the level. There is no score or time limit. It is just a fun, challenging puzzle game with good graphics and great music.

While the user interface text is in Polish, the game is fully playable, just use the fire button to start the game and move through the various cut screens. The game is available as a free download on the AtariAge website. The source code is also available on Github for those that might be interested in seeing how it works. There is also a video on YouTube demonstrating how to play the game.

Reviewed using the Altirra 2.90 emulator in Atari XEGS mode using a standard Atari CX40 joystick and a Stelladaptor. The thread on AtariAge mentions that Tensor should run on a stock 800XL/65XE or higher.



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