If you have been around the gaming scene for the past 35 years, you’ve probably heard of Jeff Peters. You may have even met him. Jeff is one of the co founders of the Utah Digital Entertainment Network (UDEN), whose mission is to connect, inform and grow the local communities of Utah’s growing digital enter tainment industry. In his 30+ year career in entertain ment, he has also spent almost 10 years as an executive with Electronic Arts, founded EGM (Electronic Gaming Monthly), worked with SNK in Japan, started multiple businesses in the independent development space (three of which were grown to successful acquisitions), and is currently Founder and COO of Spark XR, Inc. and CEO of The Bluff Street, an executive consultancy which he also founded. He has also worked on such notable properties and franchises as Mortal Kombat, NBA Jam, Madden, Tetris, Monopoly, Metro 2033 and Tiger Woods and developed top selling products with Viacom, Disney, Amblin, Warner Bros., DC, and Hasbro.

Throughout his career, Jeff has generated billions in revenue through product development and business acumen and is even a founder of the modern era US National Video Game Team, as well as competing worldwide on its behalf. Jeff is currently on the nomina tion and voting committee for the International Video Game Hall of Fame. Jeff was himself inducted into the International Video Game Hall of Fame in 2019 in the Golden Age Gamer category. He currently resides in Utah, is working on innovative products in the VR industry and also teaches a graduate level business course on the video game industry for the University of Utah, as part of their award winning EAE Video Game Master Program. In this issue we will focus on his career as well as his views on the gaming industry from the early 1990’s.

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