OSG: Hi Joel. You’ve been very generous with your time over the years, sharing the history of SSI, including an Antic magazine interview (Antic Vol. 4, No. 3 July 1985), a Matt Chat YouTube channel interview (#181, #183, #184, and #188 from 2013), and a Video Game Newsroom Time Machine podcast interview (05/22/2020). It seems that since you were about seven years old, you’ve been playing wargames or creating wargames. Have you ever held a “real job”?

JB: I had college jobs. I had one as a security guard. One as a shipping clerk for IBM. A receiving clerk. Then I had an internship at Amdahl (Corporation). It was supposed to be just the summer before business school, but because I started SSI, I kept the job going. I worked there for about nine months while I started SSI. That’s it. No real jobs.

OSG: After SSI was sold to Mindscape in 1994, you stayed with the company for some time. Then you went your own way and started 2by3 Games. No jobs in between?

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