ZOSYA entertainment (team) have made some great games throughout the years, games such as Drift!, Valley of Rains and even Travel Through Time Volume 1 which have all been featured on Indie Retro News. Well it looks as if they haven’t finished with the speccy community just yet. As thanks to another heads up through Saberman, we’ve just been told that they’ve also released a high grade ZX Spectrum game called Angels; A mash up of a Beat ’em up (odd levels) and Vertical scrolling shooter set with fabulous animation, speccy detail and more!

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While in 48K mode, you get full gameplay with one additional loading after the third level. In 128K mode however which both features two girls from another planet serving their sentences on Earth, fighting crime. the enhanced version of the game uses many additional features: additional types of enemies, a variety of punches, cutscenes, effects, in-game AY music, advanced intro and final cut and more! So yes if you have a ZX Spectrum you owe it to yourselves to play this incredible game from ZOSYA entertainment!

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