Given the track record of Respawn Entertainment, it’s hardly a surprise that Apex Legends is as fine a game as it is. That’s probably the reason why the first-person shooter is still so popular among the gaming community. Enjoying a game and getting a grasp on it, however, are two very different things. Quite often, the most enjoyable games are the hardest to master.

Don’t you worry, though, because we have gathered some handy tips and tricks to help you dominate the game. These tips are behind the winning streaks of some of the top pro players out there, so they will definitely give a massive boost to your chances of winning. Also, you can use Apex legends boost and reach the higher rank easier.

However, before checking out our awesome tips and tricks, here’s a small tip for how to choose your character.

Picking the Character

Even though all 14 available characters move at the same speed and are able to employ the exact same gear, you still should pick a character whose capabilities won’t kill your vibe. In order to find out, you should (one-by-one) take every character on a run-down of the game, and discover what they can and cannot do.

It is important to choose a character only after this practice drill, because the more natural and familiar you’ll feel with your characters’ abilities, the more instinctive and intuitive you’ll be during the game. For example, if you prefer to play it safe, then Bloodhound or Gibraltar would suit you well. If, on the other hand,you have a knack for guns, then going for Bangalore or Wraith would be a great choice.

For more information about Apex Legends and its characters, visit the official website.

Now that you have carefully chosen a character, let’s delve straight into the tips and tricks of dominating Apex Legends:

1. Accelerate by Shedding Arms

Just like in most games, speed is critical here, too. When armed, you are going slower than your actual speed. So if you are in a situation where you really require speed and can do without weapons, try holstering your weapons by holding the “swap weapons” button. On PC, you can press 3, while on PS4, you’ll have to press the triangle. You can press Y if you are playing on Xbox One.

2. You Don’t Have to Spearhead the Drop

Usually, the third person in a team is charged with the task of being the Jumpmaster. The Jumpmaster has to lead the team during the drop. If you’re not up for it, you can totally leave the task by pressing the prompted button as the countdown proceeds, just after the character selection window. Note that once you have jumped from the dropship, you won’t be able to relinquish the jumpmaster position.

But if you are going to be the third person, and allow Apex Legends to automatically select your Legend, then the role of the Jumpmaster gets assigned to the person who gets selected second.

3. Do Notice the Damage Numbers

The moment you accurately strike in Apex Legends, you will be able to see the damage numbers popping off. These are actual clues that can help you identify what you are up against; all you have to do is pay attention:

  • Red implies that the enemy is without armor.
  • White numbers are a sign that the enemy has a level one armor on.
  • Blue signifies level 2 armor.
  • Purple indicates a Level 3 armor.
  • Yellow hints towards a headshot.

Getting a hand of the above will definitely give you an idea about the caliber of your enemy, allowing you to make better judgments during fights.

4. Wall-Climbing, Do Acquire This Handy Skill

Clearly, Apex Legends does not have any systematic wall-running or triple-jumps action. The game does allow you to climb walls that are up to around 3 to 4 times higher than you are, though. You can climb by running at a wall and then holding the jump button. Make sure to look up as you do that. You will be pleasantly surprised how far up some characters can go. With a little bit of practice, you’ll be able to reach places that were previously out of reach.

5. Memorize the Map of the Season

Every new season comes with a brand new map. Based on where you are on the player rankings, you can or cannot access certain parts such as World’s Edge and Kings Canyon. Locations are swapped pretty frequently so learning where the loot is, and what paths are advantageous, could play at your advantage. Even if you don’t know everything by heart, getting down some of the escape passages before going for a high-stakes loot could help you a lot.

6. Navigate the Map through Redeployment of Glide

Red hot air balloons are usually linked with a zipline that is dispersed throughout the map. By approaching these balloons, you can scale your zipline. This will enable you to re-deploy your glide. Once re-deployed, the glide will help you navigate the map at a faster pace. Redeploying the glide can prove particularly useful during the ring escape.

7. Some Guns Can Shift to Fire Mode

Even though many guns in Apex Legends do not have any alternate fire mode, there are a few that do. They are actually quite helpful, especially when you are in a sticky situation. For instance, if you choose to switch from a fully-automatic weapon to a single-shot, then your target would improve, enabling you to hit with precision, even from long range.

Guns that do come with an alternate fire mode, have a d-pad symbol. The symbol is located on the bottom right corner of the information panel. All you have to do is press left, and you will be able to switch. You can pick from options such as single fire, burst fire, etc.


These were some of the tips that pro-players use, in order to gain an upper hand at Apex Legends. We hope you’ll find these tips helpful. While trying them out, don’t get discouraged if you don’t get it right the first time. It may take a few drills to implement all these tips and tricks. Keep practicing and soon you will be able to “game” the game.

Buckle up. You have a game to win!

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