Despite its promise of evolution, Atari Classics Evolved can’t help but feel a bit stale. It contains the familiar lineup of Atari arcade games — Asteroids, Missile Command, Centipede, etc. — found in other compilations, with 11 games in total. Each game comes in its original form along with an “evolved” version that updates the graphics and sound to about the level of a basic online Flash game. In most cases, these evolved versions are also easier to play than the originals because the visuals are better suited to the small screen.

None of the games is particularly well-suited for portable play, though. The analog stick is only passable as a replacement for the trackball, spinner, tank controls, and paddles of the originals. Vertical-oriented games like Centipede, Millipede and Super Breakout are only playable by turning the PSP upright, and there are no options for scaling the display of any of the games.

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