Who says that the days of old school arcade gaming are gone? On the contrary, several latest innovations in gameplay and software design take the experience of these gaming consoles to the next level. Check out what the hottest video arcade gaming destinations in Las Vegas have to offer.

Also, remember that some arcade venues allow entry to 21+ folks only. So, if you forget your id at the casino often, please remember to carry some other form of ID.

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Hi-tech entertainment

Firstly, there is a lot on offer for the fans of classic video games. You will frequently find the latest and state-of-the-art amenities to take your gaming experience to the next level. For instance, there are hi-tech entertainment centers that enable you to try out leading titles such as The Simpsons and Marble Madness on the primary arcade floor. On top of that, you can try some pool and ball games on the ground floor.

Japanese games

You can also go for some offbeat titles imported straight from Japan. Further, there are arcade centers that cater to people from all age groups. For a nominal hourly rate, you may try out unlimited games of your choice. Besides conventional titles such as Tekken 5 or Luigi’s Mansion, you will find lots of musical games. Titles like Taiko no Tatsujin and Bishi Bashi tend to be extremely accessible, with large and multi-colored buttons. Cho Chabudai Gaeshi is especially worth trying out.

Pinball bonanza

Next, you can find venues that specialize in a particular type of game. The best example is the extensive pinball selection. Additionally, you may discover an outstanding array of classic arcade games. You will find Tron from Midway, Star Wars Racer from Sega, and Dragon’s Lair by Cinematronics, among several other arcade titles. Again, these places are suitable for people from all age groups owing to the vast range of games they offer.

City adventure

Last but not least, you can always visit an arcade and bar that offers a more middle-of-the-road experience. For just a token fee, you may access a variety of vintage titles, including the likes of Xenophobe and Battlezone. Of course, the classic game consoles will also be there. Opt for the Atari 2600, or Wii U, or pretty much anything in between. Further, the latest consoles will be readily available along with comfy gaming setups.


As you can see, arcade video gaming is still very much in trend in Las Vegas. The country’s world-famous entertainment hub houses some of the most exciting arcade centers in video gaming. Further, these venues feature an immense variety in their titles, right beside other recreation facilities such as bars, music, food, and drinks.

So, feel free to visit one of the locations sometime and try out some of the titles for yourself.

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