Gaming evolves faster than many other tech industries, as more and more money is being invested in the development of gaming software and hardware by tech giants from all over the world. This means that newer and more technologically advanced games get released all the time. This is great, especially for players that only look for the best in gaming. However, every new release overshadows the release of an older generation masterpiece and sometimes, players forget about games that have made great contributions to everything that is gaming-related.

Older games, or retro games as most people call them, are sometimes as commercial as newly released 9th generation games. Being commercial means that Internet users try to find information about these games just as often as they try to find information about games like Ghost of Tsushima or about other popular online games. Gaming enthusiasts create wiki pages, guides and gaming blogs about every type of title from RPGs to casino games. This includes titles that are categorised as “retro”. By typing a simple keyword in search engines, Internet users will be able to read everything they need to know about the game they are interested in.

Retro does not only Mean Ping and Space Invaders

Retro does not necessarily mean that a game is 50 years old. The terms retro can be used both for a game such as Tetris as well as for a game like Resident Evil 2. There are thousands of retro games across multiple video gaming platforms and across multiple gaming generations. Games for consoles like Wii and for consoles like PS2 are considered retro in 2022. Most of these games are relatively rich in pixels, of course, but on many occasions, it is games that millennials will remember playing on a pretty strong console.

Super Mario – The Retro King

One of the most popular gaming franchises in the world is Super Mario and Nintendo has released at least one Mario game during every gaming generation. In 2022, Super Mario is considered the king in the kingdom of retro games and players can enjoy one or more of his adventures using Nintendo devices, emulators and mobile phones. Some like adventures, like Super Mario World, and others like Mario Kart. Some want to play the original NES version and others want to play as Mario’s nemesis Wario. Luckily, the Japanese studio has enough content to satisfy everyone’s needs.

The Final Fantasy Collection – Thousands of Gaming Hours

Recently, Square Enix released a Final Fantasy pixel remaster collection, which gave younger players the opportunity to become familiar with the origins of the popular series and older players the opportunity to replay games that have left their mark in the history of gaming. There are many operating systems one can use in order to play the retro collection of Final Fantasy, but many players would like to see these games in even more gaming libraries. Just as the name says, these games are remastered versions of the original. Most things are the same, but there are certain settings that have been adjusted in order for the games to run in more modern environments and in order for players to be able to adjust the gameplay settings.

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