ARpiCADE is the solution to a whole slew of issues that retro video gamers have. It is an extra board set that you hook up to your Raspberry Pi computer. It allows you to do the equivalent of RetroPie, which so many people are using to build handheld computers and retro mini-machines, but on your arcade cabinet. Supporting all the major emulators, it can also be the solution if you have an arcade game’s boardset that went out on you.

Well-manufactured and built to mount the Raspberry Pi right onto the ARpiCADE, it takes the HDMI and audio ports out of the Pi and into the adapters that the ARpiCADE is made for. Additional kick harnesses are also available, so its perfect for your NBA Jam, Turtles and other 4 player games.

From there the system goes out to the industry-standard JAMMA interface that thousands of arcade machines were built with, from 1985 through the mid to late 1990s. (By checking a site like Arcade-Museum/KLOV you can see whether your arcade games are compatible with the JAMMA Standard.)

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