The golden age of arcade games took place during the 1970s and 1980s and led to the advancement and popularisation of video games. At the time, video games were a completely novel concept, but these years saw a huge amount of technological innovation and development that has affected how video games are seen even today. With technology rapidly improving, game developers were able to create increasingly complex and exciting games for the public to enjoy, resulting in an explosion in the industry’s growth.

During the late 70s and early 80s, coin-operated arcade machines began appearing in bars, bowling alleys, and even in dedicated arcades. Going to the arcade has become a popular pastime, allowing people to try out all the latest games and set new high scores. This was before home consoles were invented, so it was really the only way to experience video games.

Over the years, game consoles became more popular, and eventually, online gaming took over, meaning arcade games stopped being produced and arcades shut down. Today, it’s easier to play from your phone using apps that offer casino games or other types of games. Asian casino games are very popular all over the world, and users can now install them on their mobile devices. And with that comes the preparation to play, which involves getting information from sites such as Asiabet about which Asian casino games are popular, which sites have the best offers and if they are regulated or not. Because knowing what the terms and conditions are for signing up and playing, as well as how to make deposits and withdrawals, can make or break the excitement of any game.

However, the last few years have seen a resurgence in the popularity of classic arcade games, despite the technological advancements over the past few decades. Today, arcades have started to become more popular once more, and you can find plenty of opportunities to enjoy classic Asian arcade games. Here are just a few of the best games that you should try out the next time you have the chance.


Pacman is probably the best-known arcade game of all time, with the legendary game having been enjoyed by millions all over the world. The game generated $3.5 billion in revenue in five years. The highly addictive maze game sees players controlling the circular hero around to consume pellets for points. Meanwhile, they have escaped the clutches of four colourful ghosts, which will cause Pacman to lose a life if they touch him.

The game spawned its own genre of games and led to the first-ever gaming mascot. It was also credited with helping to introduce more women to gaming and is still enjoyed today. You can buy lots of different classic Pacman arcades, and it can also be played online with lots of different versions available.

Revolutionary Dance

Dance Dance Revolution is a music arcade game created by Konami in 1998. It was originally released as an arcade game but has since led to the development of sequels on consoles and online and also created a whole new genre of games. Dance Dance Revolution was hugely different to any other arcade game before it as it didn’t use a controller but instead was controlled by the player’s movements.

In time to the rhythm of the music and the prompts on the screen, players have to use their feet to dance and land on sections of the platform they’re standing on. At the end of the song, players are judged on their performance by their accuracy and timing and can advance to new levels if they receive a high enough score.

Space Invaders

Space Invaders is a shoot ’em up arcade game that’s widely credited with launching the golden age of arcade gaming. It was developed in 1978 in Japan and released by Taito before being licensed to Midway for release in the US. Players have to defend the Earth against waves of enemy alien ships by shooting them down and taking cover behind barriers. The enemies get closer to the player over time and move more quickly the further they progress.

The game was a massive commercial hit, grossing $3.8 billion by 1982 and attracting fans all over the world. It helped create the template for the next generation of arcade machines and even led to the first-ever eSports tournament. When it was later released on home gaming consoles, it also helped to increase their level of popularity, and many people claim that Space Invaders helped turn video game development into a serious industry.



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