In the Fall of 1980, our family purchased an Intellivision from Sears; the scary thing is I can remember being in the store, seeing the display, and Dad going up to buy it. I don’t have a lot of memories from when I was eight years old, but that one has stuck with me. That was my first memory of video games, and I remember it well. I’m sure some kids in our neighborhood had Atari VCS’s (the original name of the 2600) before that, but I don’t specifically remember playing any games on it. My next memory of video games was playing on an original Odyssey (the one with the filters you put on the screen), where you could move around two dots and interact with a 3rd dot. My first real memories of Atari come much later, and most of my Atari playing has happened in the last ten years… I have moved into an obsession with the Atari early consoles (2600/5200/7800) with having approximately 500 cartridges for the systems. Plus, I own several OG Atari arcade games…..

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