Release Date: 1982
Publisher: Playaround
Controller: Joystick/Paddles
Players: 1
Genre: Adult
Alternate Title: N/A
Model #: 205
Rarity: 5
Programmer: Joel H Martin

This adult title brings lots of laughs, and a surprising amount of gameplay.

Bachelor Party is a simple Breakout/Pong clone where you control a giant tube of Spanish Fly. Your mission is to constantly give the Flying Bachelor the necessary energy to score repeatedly with a never ending stream of women. And for those of you who are too young to remember the ‘80s, yes, there were some really good drugs back then. And yes, it appears as though whoever came up with this concept had ample access to them.

When you begin the Flying Bachelor floats away from the two rows of women and towards the Spanish Fly. Once he is invigorated he heads back out onto the dance floor to score with one of the multi-colored ladies. I guess the “glass half-full” way to look at this setup is to be proud that a game in the 1980’s had a multi-cultural approach to women in games? Yeah I’m stretching, I know.

When the Flying Bachelor hits the back wall or the second row of women he becomes extra energized and moves twice as fast as he normally does. This makes dosing him with Spanish Fly more difficult. The downside is that it means the game will soon be over, but the upside is that you won’t be subjected to the poor rendition of “Charge” that plays every single time you score with a lady.

There are two different game setups. The first has two static staggered rows of women, that when cleared make way for a fresh batch of 10. The second has your Flying Bachelor facing off against 2 solid rows of women who slowly advance towards the Spanish Fly.

All in all for an “Adult” title this game is fairly harmless. The same can’t be said about the second half of this cartridge, Gigolo.

(Side Note: I’m trying very hard to remain clean in this review, which as you can imagine is easier said than done)

Gigolo is part memory game, part evasion, part…well there’s the scoring phase of the game, and I mean that in multiple ways. When the game begins there are 7 professional gigolos that are released from prison. You must pay attention to which houses they go to because those are the ones that you must visit in order to score. Once that lengthy phase is over it’s time to begin your hunt (of sorts).

Now if you try to just visit the gigolos right off the bat you will be stunned and the cops will come and haul you off to jail (taking away one of your panties/lives). Like all gigolos worth their salt, they need twenty dollars to make you holler. Wow, I just wrote that sentence, I’m sorry. Anyway, before you can begin your night of gigolo visits you must first go to the bank teller in the lower left hand corner of the screen to withdraw some cash. Once you have a fist full of bills it’s time for you to get a something full of something.

Make sure you take a leisurely stroll to your selected gigolo’s house, because the cops not only arrest you for breaking and entering, but also for running. I’m guessing it’s a high crime neighborhood and if you are running it means you must be guilty of something. Thankfully the cops are stupid and have short attention spans since you can hide behind a house and they will eventually wander off in search of donuts or whatever cops did in the ‘80s.

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