Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is acquiring one of the last games released for the Atari Jaguar… Worms. Worms was released in 1998, just two years after Atari pulled the litter box out from under its black cat console and discontinued further devel-opment on the console and games. Worms introduc-es both action and turn-based elements in a 2D side-scrolling presentation. Taking a team of worms, you use any means at your disposal to defeat a rival faction of worms. Explaining how Worms looks and plays can be somewhat difficult unless you’ve played it, but the best way I can describe it is a mash-up of Lemmings meets X-COM.

In 1993, the video game console market had changed drastically with various new contenders like the 3DO and Phillips CD-I entering the fray in hopes of taking a slice of Nintendo and Sega’s pie. The technology that the 3DO and CD-I hardware featured positively dwarfed both the Genesis and Super Nintendo….

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