With the March AMD Ryzen upgrade announcement still fresh, the Atari VCS team spent four days at GDC in San Francisco where we met with numerous content providers and creators, distributors and others, before heading south to spend a full day with our engineering team to review and discuss the latest project developments, manufacturing schedules and status updates for the VCS.

Now that the AMD news and broader schedule change has been revealed, there is other news that we can now start sharing!

First up today is an all-new Official Atari VCS blog entry featuring a comprehensive overview of the updated industrial design architecture of the Atari VCS. The team is incredibly excited about the design and feature changes that have been made to prepare the VCS for final production. As we provide additional updates over the next few weeks and months, we think that fans and backers will appreciate all the thought and care that went into shaping our decisions.

One important thing to clarify for everyone right now is that all Atari VCS products are on the same timeline. Joysticks, Controllers and VCS systems ordered through the Indiegogo campaign and Backerkit platform will all ship to backers on the same schedule, regardless of whether they are standalone units or part of a bundle. This also applies to the rollout of retail product what it happens.

Thanks again for the ongoing support, kind words, and to the many new contributors to the Atari VCS campaign in recent months. It’s truly humbling that so many Atari fans around the world are not only excited about our first new game and entertainment system in decades, but willing to get behind it and help make it a reality. We appreciate all our passionate fans and are grateful to have each and every one of you on this journey with us!

And now, for the latest amazing new Atari VCS hardware news, check out the newest below.

Link to the latest Atari VCS project blog at Medium.com.



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