Atari gives potential customers a warning that if they play the Jaguar, it will make their brain burn and the 3-D graphics are real enough to make them “blow chunks.” Atari, promoting negative side- effects such as regurgitation is usually not a good selling point.

The home of PONG didn’t get the message, as it followed up with a television commercial that had cocky teen Benjamin Hall playing Cybermorph on his Atari Jaguar.

The video from the camera tilts and rolls in a dizzying and jostling manner and questions, “how do those beastly graphics and intricate moves that only come from 64 bits of mega-power feel?” Apparently not so well in lil’ Benjamin’s stomach, as he heaves directly into the camera’s view, leaving half digested food and digestive juices slowly trudging down the viewer’s television. Yuck!

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