Atari is synonymous with legendary arcade/action video games. From Asteroids, to Missile Command, to
Tempest, videogamers will find very few games they would consider forgettable. However, when it comes to sports video games, gamers will have to think a little harder.

Atari’s first generation of sports games would end up being some of the worst video games ever created; they were simple and pathetic. From the bland background colors, to the stick figure-like graphics and simple sounds, Atari’s sports games generally went from bad to worse.

Few of them rarely resembled the sports they were advertised to be. Of all the sports titles, only Atari’s Bowling would come anywhere close to the actual sport. Almost all the other titles would fall far short. Two in particular, Atari’s Homerun and Golf, would end up being two of the worst video games ever made.

Imagine being a kid again in your backyard getting ready to play a game of stick ball. You and your sibling would place 4 boxes around the yard for bases and throw around the ol’ ball and swing the stick. Maybe a couple of your friends would come over and your small group would try to make a real game of it. Atari would try to make a real game out of stickball. – Read the rest of the article here from Classic Gamer Magazine (courtesy of Old School Gamer)!

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