I was out of commission this afternoon hanging out with old friends in Brooklyn at the Atlantic 10 college basketball tournament, but I’m back with a vengeance this evening. The awesome material has been piling up. Let’s kick things off today with an awesome new homebrew pinball machine themed after the horror franchise “Saw.”

In the works for around a year, the Saw project was spearheaded and programmed by Austin Carrigan, Eric Klotz and Joe Farnsworth on Engineering and Glenn Waechter on Music and Callouts.

Since the creators are all tournament players, the game has a modern ruleset that includes 6 modes, 2 hurry-up mini modes, 8 items to collect in jigsaw’s workshop to aid you in corresponding traps, 3 multiballs (1 is player steal-able), and the mini wizard + wizard mode coming soon.

Other unique features include:

  • Several independently triggered discs, with the middle disc being an actual saw blade.
  • The plunger is a 1:1 scale hacksaw that has a slit cut into the cabinet for the blade to cut underneath the plunger. It cuts into the graphic of the foot from the film when you plunge.
  • A topper that is operates off of a pneumatic cylinder and high pressure air. It triggers during gameplay and end of ball 3 when the game is over and rips open with a lightshow for the player.
  • The Billy head inside the game taunts players with it’s mouth sync’d to some of jigsaw’s voice.
  • A dynamic QR code on the apron in addition to the traditional rules explanation that updates as the code expands.
  • A whopping 547 LEDs.
  • 400 Custom Callouts, tons of sound effects and 8 original songs in addition to the film’s soundtrack score.
  • The same exact tape recorder, a Panasonic RN-305, which was used in the films to begin the instructions.
  • 17 Hidden Images in the translite art.

Anyone who is interested in checking out the game’s custom soundtrack, can do so by clicking the link below:


Saw pinball is making its public debut this weekend at the Texas Pinball Festival. Make sure to stop by and check it out.


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