If you remember playing the 1990’s handheld game of ‘Baseball’ by Tiger Electronics, then as of today thanks to a heads up by XeNoMoRPH, you can play the latest clone of the game for the Amstrad CPC by¬†Altaneros DOG. The same creator who also released the other Tiger Electronics Amstrad CPC clone of Space Rescue. To coincide with this news, XeNoMoRPH has done a video of the game which gives us a first look at the gameplay for Baseball.

While there is a limited amount of information about the game anywhere on the Internet. From the look of the video above provided by XeNoMoRPH, you control a sports guy at the bottom of the screen and must strike any number of balls thrown at your direction for a higher score. Any missed balls and you lose a life(?). To be honest that’s all I know so far as there isn’t a website for the game and we don’t have Baseball here in the UK, just cricket zzzzzzzz *yawn*. Links :1) Download

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