Great news if you’re looking for something completely different other than all the Platformers and Shoot em ups we’ve featured on Indie Retro News, as 17BitRetro has recently contacted us through Twitter, to tell you that the previously released game of Bean Versus The Animator, has just received an exclusive level for Christmas called It’s Snow Joke; A very festive addition to the full game in which you must save Christmas from Mr Freeze and foes!

While the original game featured 6 frantic levels, 6 BIG BOSS fights, 12 weapons, 2 player simultaneous action, 32 colors, 8bit sfx and music, movie style intro and outro’s, Light gun or Mouse controls. This new festive level called ‘It’s Snow Joke’ now features a snowy graveyard, a BIG boss fight, 3 types of weapons, new 8bit SFX and Music, Jingles and Santa Hats, and all of this on one Single Floppy Disk requiring OCS / ECS or AGA Amiga with 1 MB Chip Ram.

Links :1) It’s Snow Joke  2) Mr Bean Versus

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