Alot of us can remember sitting in front of the television set late at night on our carpet and watching our heroes sing on MTV. Our smiles appearing on our faces once the two teenage idiots appeared on the screen sitting on their couch. Beavis and Butthead, a favorite of many, was going to be a fully playable video arcade game. During the mid-nineties, the minds over at Atari Games were hard at work building a game based on our favorite duo. The game used hardware from Panasonic’s 3DO Interactive Multiplayer console. You could play as either character or find a friend and you could play side by side (or man to man).

It was a beat-em-up, with only four out of the original six planned levels finished when it went up for playtesting. The sad thing is that it was canceled. Not only did it not test well, but Midway Games had purchased Atari Games before it could be released. It would remain unheard of until 1999, when the twelve prototype machines built were sold at an MTV auction. It is unknown what happened to all twelve, but each of them is numbered. Many think that some machines were destroyed or lost in a shed. From 2007 to 2013, some of the twelve machines were shown at the California Extreme, and the game started receiving attention again.

On November 6th, 2016, a well-known arcade by the name of Galloping Ghosts had bought the ninth prototype from Prince
Arcades. The machine was listed as not working, though there was still hope. After digging into the machine, they discovered
that the problem was a faulty disc drive, one they couldn’t identify at first – that is until they saw the 3DO logo. This was a large hint for what they could do to get it working. So, they set off to find a 3DO console and rip it apart. They took the disc drive with its cable and rewired it into the machine. After some trial and error, the hum of a monitor and the pop of a speaker, they knew their efforts were a success. The familiar theme of the MTV sitcom played and the grinning faces of Beavis and Butthead emerged on the screen.


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By Old School Gamer

Ever since Old School Gamer started attending the major expos across the country, there has been another personality at most of the larger expos that has always interested me. Going back to the show where the plans were formulated for OSG, the Classic Game Fest in Austin, TX (2017), continuing to Portland Retro Gaming Expo, where we launched, and continuing through several others to come full circle back to Classic Game Fest (2018). This is where I was able to interview Jaden Berk from Holy Grail, the video game store!

What makes this so interesting is that while most of us collectors of retro games from the 80s and 90s actually lived through the decades, or were even born in the century. You see Jayden is 16 years old, and here’s a bit of his story…

JAYDEN: So, I’m 16 years old and I got into it when I was 15. Actually, I was at a videogame show and this guy, he had a bunch of older games — NES, Super NES, Wii, Sega, whatnot — and it was really cheap. I wasn’t sure why it was really cheap. My dad said buy it all; don’t just buy one, buy it all. So, I went up to him and basically ended up buying all of his NES, whatever he had, like 60, 80 games; all of his Super NES, all of his Wii, all of his Genesis. So that’s how the store started.

OSG: Buying all kinds of stuff, but I remember that you have a certain affinity for the Nintendo Game Cube.

JAYDEN: As a young guy, GameCube was the current system at the time and I fell in love with it. I enjoyed playing games so much that I wanted to check out other systems and expand on my collection. From that point on my collection grew and grew and led to my dad buying me a complete collection of N64 games. That sparked my interest in completing my GameCube collection. It was a system that I loved to play as a kid and still enjoy playing it now, and to complete my collection would be awesome. I enjoy playing all types of games from first person to shoot ‘em up games, to even sports games. Besides the retro games, I also enjoy playing full size arcade games.

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