So, you love to play classic casino games? You’re not alone. Old-school slots and card games are experiencing a comeback. Most of these games have been redone to have better graphics and run on mobile devices.

That’s alright. Mobile gaming is the future of the online casino industry. If you don’t use your smartphone to gamble online, you probably use it to make deposits and withdrawals.

In this article, we’ll give you a trip down memory lane by outlining some of the best retro casino games ever made. You can play some of these games at the best crypto casino sites.

Crypto casinos offer bigger bonuses than traditional gambling sites. They also feature Bitcoin online slots, most of which are provably fair.

Break da Bank—Microgaming

Break Da Bank is one of Microgaming’s most successful online slots. When it first launched in the late ‘00s, this slot was such a fan-favorite that it inspired Microgaming to create a sequel—Break da Bank Again.

The original Break da Bank slot is still available at all leading Microgaming online casinos. It has three reels, five paylines, and a small jackpot that pays a maximum of 2400 coins. When you prefer using PayPal for your online transactions, you can find the best paypal casinos that offer secure and convenient payment options for seamless gaming experiences

As a classic slot, Break da Bank lacks bells and whistles like multipliers, free spins, and cascading reels. However, it has a 95% RTP. It also features one wild—the game’s logo. If the wild turns symbols on the reel to winning icons, you win x4 your stake.

Mega Joker—NetEnt

It’s true—most retro casino games have low payouts. But there are some exemptions. Mega Joker is a case in point. This NetEnt slot has a 99% RTP, making it the best-paying slot online.

The game has a 3×3-reel format. You can bet between one and 10 coins per payline. The game has five paylines, meaning you can’t really wager a lot of money on the slot.

It’s a low-volatile slot, though. You can win money regularly on Mega Joker, albeit in small amounts. If you’re lucky, though, you can trigger the game’s progressive slot. The jackpot pays a lot more money than you can win from the base mode.

Fruit Zen—Betsoft

Betsoft has a knack for creating beautiful slots. It was the first software provider to launch 3D slots. Fruit Zen features the developer’s iconic 3D graphics. As the name suggests, Fruit Zen is a fruity slot graced by oranges, lemons, plums, strawberries, and melons.

It has 5 reels and 10 paylines. What’s more, it has a 95% RTP. This is an above-average payout rate. And considering it’s a low-volatile game, you can expect to win regularly even if it’s small amounts.

That being said, the game’s logo is its wild symbol. It expands to cover all other reels and may trigger a free spin. The wild symbol can appear up to three times. The maximum you can win is 500x your stake.

Double Wammy—Microgaming

Double Wammy is one of the reasons some people dislike retro arcade games. Picture this. It has one payline on its three reels. That means you must be truly lucky to win money here.

The game features classic fruit symbols—cherry symbols, BAR icons, and the number 7. There’s also the logo, which acts as a wild that could replace icons on the reels to increase your winning chances.

If the Double Wammy wild symbol appears on all three reels, you could win up to 2500x your stake. The next best-paying symbol is the Lucky 7 symbol. It pays 240x your stake.

RNG Blackjack

Classic 21 is the original version of Blackjack. It’s a one-on-one game played between a player and the casino. Of course, the house plays through an employee called the dealer.

Before live dealer games became a thing, the only way you could enjoy blackjack online was through RNG software. The computer acts as your dealer. But the rules remain constant. The goal is to beat the dealer in producing a hand of 21.

You can’t use card counting when playing online blackjack. But you can use the basic blackjack strategy or a similar technique. Having a good strategy can help lower the game’s house edge significantly. This is especially true for live roulette, which is more exciting than playing the game against software.

RNG Roulette

Roulette needs no introduction. It’s one of the most featured casino games in Hollywood films. People love roulette because it’s simple and fun. With classic RNG roulette, the computer does the hard work for you.

You select a bet type and a bet amount. RNG software then spins the virtual wheel to reveal whether you’ve won or lost. The easiest roulette bet is a 50/50 bet type. Think of black/red, high/low, or odd/even.

Even money bet types have a low 1:1 payout though. If you want to make more money, place a straight number prediction. The odds of winning are 37 to 1. But if you win, you walk away with 35x your stake.

Video Poker

In the 1970s and 1980s, video poker was more popular than slot machines. Slots took over the casino industry in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s. Although video poker is no longer as popular as slot machines, they’re worth checking out.

A video poker game combines elements of slots with poker. First, it lets you place your bet. In Jacks or Better, you can select between one and five coins. Next, the game runs an RNG software to reveal five poker cards.

You might get a pair of aces and other random cards. Or you could get a hand that doesn’t look good. In that case, you can discard a few or all cards. The software runs again and reveals your final cards.

If you have a poker hand, you win. A royal flush pays 250x if you only wagered 1 coin and 4000x your stake if you bet five coins. Video poker is one of the best-paying casino games online. So, even if you don’t find it too exciting, it’s worth trying out.

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